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Mineral Specimens. Rock, Mineral and Crystal Specimens.
Mineral Dealer specializing in cabinet size fine minerals.
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Hummingbird Minerals is always interested in purchasing or taking on consignment a fine mineral collection or high quality individual rock, mineral and crystal specimens for resale. If you are interested - please forward a description of your collection with sample photos to:  
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Specimens from the Edward E. David Collection
Click here for Specimens from the Dr. Edward E.
David Collection
Specimens from the Gregory Crenko Illinois Fluorite Collection
Greg's interest in minerals started at about age 10 when he found Quartz crystals in local corn fields. Greg has been active in mineral collecting and trading for the past 30 years. At one time he was an avid field collector and found the first confirmed finding of Caffersite (Smithsonian did the analysis) in the Sawtooth Mountains batholith of Idaho.

With good foresight he decided, early on, to specialize in Southern Illinois Fluorites when they were more available. He realized there was good opportunity as a dealer of collectible mineral specimens due to the development of the internet and increasing competition for high quality world wide minerals. He is the owner of Top Shelf Minerals.

Greg is an accomplished self taught guitar player and songwriter and has toured with some national acts. As seen in the photo, he is also an animal lover.

I am pleased to offer this first installment of fine Illinois Fluorite specimens from his collection, which I recently acquired. There will be further installments over the coming months.

Click here for Specimens from the Gregory Crenko Collection
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Gregory Crenko  Collection
Edward David
Welcome to Hummingbird Minerals - We offer fine and rare mineral specimens  for Collectors and Mineral Dealers with an eye for beauty and quality at a reasonable price. Check out our great pictures of rocks and minerals.

Our descriptions and  photographs of fine mineral specimens,such as Vanadinite, Chalcopyrite, Mimetite, Dioptase, Calcite, Amazonite, Sphalerite, Rhodocrosite, Stilbite, Barite, Aragonite, Aquamarine, Azurite, Fluorite and Tourmaline will help you select the right one(s)  for your  mineral and crystal collection. Other fine or rare minerals on our site are Marcasite, Selenite, Adamite, Apatite, Realgar, Rhodonite, Pyrite, Malachite, Prehnite, Topaz, Kunzite, Aragonite and many Zeolites.
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