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"Amateurs as well as professional scientists delight in and pore over Rocks & Minerals, which has published articles on mineralogy, geology, and paleontology since 1926. Regular departments explore such topics as minerals for the collector, microminerals, and current geologic events. Detailed lists of collecting opportunities in specific localities appear periodically, as do special theme issues. Spectacular color photographs appear throughout each issue. Rocks & Minerals works with the Mineralogical Society of America to promote cooperation between collectors and professional mineralogists" (Quote from this publication's web site). - Fine Mineral Specimens

"Welcome to our Australian Mineral Collector Web Site where we hope to gather all relevant mineral collecting information on Australia into one place for easy access" (Quote from the above website).
Kalahari Minerals - Bringing you Southern African Mineral Specimens
Kalahari Minerals (Isis Crystals cc) is based in Cape Town, South Africa. We specialize in crystal and mineral rough sourced in and around Southern Africa (Nambia, South Africa, etc.) suitable for collectors, healers, scientific researchers, etc.

 The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, also known   as the MinSoc, is the international society for all those working in    the mineral sciences. The Society aims to advance the knowledge   of the science of mineralogy and its application to other subjects    including crystallography, geochemistry, petrology, environmental  science and economic geology.
©The Mineralogical Society -
"We are collectors since 1974 and sell minerals only private or at some shows like Munich or Eppelheim/Heidelberg. Gerd is a Geologist with hugh experience in minerals and locations. We have contact with collectors, dealers worldwide and alpine "Strahlers." We still collect in the field and sometimes we are happy....

Now we are proud to offer you minerals online.

We would like to satisfy you with fine, aesthetic minerals at reasonable prices in all price ranges."

(Quote from Gerd M. Wiedenbeck & Jutta Pillath)
Worldwide fine minerals at affordable prices, many from classic localities. Minerals from Spain and Portugal.
Rocks and Minerals. Rock, Mineral and Crystal Specimens. 
Mineral Dealer specializing in cabinet size fine minerals

Check out this wonderful source of mineral art, mineral specimens, wildlife and landscape art and interesting books.

The Original Mineral Gallery for Exceptional, Museum Quality Mineral Specimens!

Offering a large assortment of museum quality mineral specimens from classic 
and rare localities around the world! Cabinet sized specimens our speciality!
Beautiful gold nuggets for sale from Alaska, California, Australia, Arizona and more!!!
Mixed Minerals
Rocks and Minerals. Mineral, Rock and Crystal Dealer. Check out our high
quality selection.
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